Our partners and supporters

We’re delighted to highlight our main delivery partners and supporters without whom we would not be able to offer our wide range of products and services. Please do take time to visit the website links below to and out more about our partners and supporters.

The Avanti Cycling Trust is a community interest company whose aim is to support cycling within minorities. 

We raise funds to support projects that develop cycling for fitness and personal development within deprived communities. Our main project is to train and develop community leaders who are able to gain access to deprived communities and develop cycling groups to try and maintain young people’s interest and develop their CVs.

Other projects will include working with Clinical Commissioning Groups and women’s cycling groups. The Trust is linked to Avanti Cycling which delivers cycle training, and other cycling activities for adults and children. 

Cycling is for everyone whatever your age and whatever your level of skill and we offer a range of cycling related services on our own or in partnership with some of the UK’s top cycling services organisation.


West Berkshire Council has encouraged and supported the establishment of the community cycling clubs as part of its efforts to promote active travel.

It has responded to residents’ requests for various active travel measures, including school streets,  which involve the closure of roads during school drop-off and pick-up times.

The cycle clubs will be backing up these measures by providing riders and their families with support in the form of on- and off-road cycle training as well as advice in basic bike maintenance.

The cycle activities are designed to be fun and to encourage children and their families to cycle more.

West Berkshire Council


Avanti Cycling is a leading cycle training provider in the South of England covering the whole area from Devon to Kent and Milton Keynes to Dorset.

We also provide event support, training camps and cycling holidays through our partner organisation Avanti Adventures, professional development for other organisations, green transport events and consultancy, any other cycling activities required.

Our company ethos is to be the best of the best, we run regular internal quality assurance, training and monitoring for our instructors and staff. Avanti Cycling works hard to help the environment and we encourage all our staff to use green methods of travel,  Our raison d’etre is to encourage people to use their bikes as everyday transport. Cycling is normal.



Get Berkshire Active is one of a network of 43 Active Partnerships (AP) across England. We are a charity with a social purpose to transform lives through Sport and Physical Activity. Funded nationally through Sport England we help to deliver the government strategy for Sport locally.

Get Berkshire Active is a strategic organisation working to bring partners, stakeholders and providers together to enhance what we all do for the benefit of Berkshire residents.

Get Berkshire Active does the following:

  • Lead: We are the leading voice in Berkshire raising awareness of the benefits of Sport and Physical Activity and bringing partners together to increase impact
  • Support: We help others to improve and thus deliver more and better outcomes
  • Commission: We provide funding for others to deliver programmes
  • Deliver: We deliver programmes through local and national commissioning and funding



Cycling UK is the national cycling charity. Our mission is to enable millions more people to cycle.

Whether it’s for the thrill of the wind in your hair, or being out in the open in the fresh air, we all love to ride our bikes. It’s fun, it’s healthy and it’s good for the environment. Formerly known as the CTC, Cycling UK has championed cycling for more than 140 years.

Founded in Harrogate on 5 August 1878 by Stanley Cotterell, we promote all forms of cycling, inspiring people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to discover the joys of cycling. As well as supporting our members, we also play a prominent campaigning role, fighting to defend cyclists’ rights for safer roads, better infrastructure and legal protection.



At Kaizen Cycling we love cycling. We think cycling is quite simply the best thing you can do! You could say we’re rather obsessed with cycling as a fun and sustainable means of transport, as a pastime, as a means of getting fit and as a sport. 

Cycling is for everyone whatever your age and whatever your level of skill and we offer a range of cycling related services on our own or in partnership with some of the UK’s top cycling services organisation.